Derby-ists Gather as RollerCon Opens

Your average convention: guys in short sleeve button-ups and ties, name tags affixed just below the breast pockets, holding plastic-cupped sodas that slowly are becoming watery as the ice melts. They're talking -- um -- reports? -- and numbers and how Jones really wants to see an extra six percent on the final tally this year.

Then there's RollerCon. Trade the short sleeve button-ups for ripped tees, the name tags for names like "Beth Penalty" and "Vodka Toxic," and the chitchat for whooping and hollering as killer skaters take to the rink. Yep, even roller derby gets a convention, which is grand, and as grand and over-the-top as you might hope for.

The 2009 con is in Las Vegas and runs July 29th through August 2nd. Perhaps you're already caravaning your way over? Your car windows covered with your team name and mascot?

What's on the roller-y roster: seminars on refereeing, how to keep the books for your team, announcing a game, and, oh my -- lots and lots. We'd always thought roller derby was as close to being rock 'n roll as you can get without actually being rock 'n roll, but it turns out that rock 'n roll takes some back-planning. Maybe back-planning is truly rock 'n roll.

There's a ball, a bachelorette party, a wedding, matches, challenges, and more. Lots more. Cavorting and carousing and getting to know fellow enthusiasts from all over will surely be a tent pole of the week as well. 

Tube socks on, ladies, and mouth guards in. Now skate!

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