Devil’s Night Sets Watch to “Clockwork”

Devil's Night is back downtown, with a Kubrickian gem.

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Like every Stanley Kubrick film, "A Clockwork Orange" has been pored over and discussed and obsessed about since its debut nearly four decades ago.

Four decades. It still is shockingly from-the-future in several ways -- and that synth-o-ronic Wendy Carlos soundtrack belongs to no time -- and watching it atop a parking lot roof, surrounded by skyscrapers, feels like the ideal way to experience it.

Devil's Night Drive-in will be screening the movie in just that fashion on Saturday, April 10. If you know Devil's Night, you know there is picnicking and enjoying of the scene prior to the film. And if you know Devil's Night, you know they lean toward more adult fare, like "Donnie Darko," which we do believe was its last film screened.

So, in short, this is one drive-in that's pretty much solely populated by over-18-ers.

We're thinking of the milk bar, the bowlers, the starkness and surrealness. And Malcolm McDowell! Kubrick fans, you can make reservations for your car here.

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