Dine Out and Help Out

Have a favorite Crown City cafe? It might be part of Restaurant Week.

Restaurant weeks are commonly associated with two things. One? Well, weeks, as in "a week." But more and more the periods of dine-out deals are stretching to two weeks, which has us personally rallying for the term Restaurant Fortnight.

No? Not catching on? Ahem. Okay then.

They're also associated with the colder months, or have been in the past. Again, that has changed, given the fact that Palm Springs is about to launch its Restaurant Week in June (!) and Old Pasadena has its own Restaurant Week lined up for Friday, June 1 through Thursday, June 14.

We like the summery eat-out deal since eating outside is a pleasure that cannot be underestimated. And if the place you choose has no outdoor dining? Then the after-dinner summer walk certainly has its old-time charms.

As always, a bevy of venues are on board for Old Pasadena Restaurant Week, including Café Bizou and Tibet Nepal House. And the nicest bit: Some of the proceeds will help out Union Station Homeless Services.

Here's hoping that more dining deals in more spots take hold, and they all donate at least some of what is made during the week. Or fortnight, rather. Can it be long before we're in Restaurant Month? Year?

PS, P.S. -- We like that your Restaurant Week is in June. Summer in the desert is pretty wonderful, actually.

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