Disneyland's Holiday Sneak Peek

HALLOWEEN TO HOLIDAYS: Disneyland fans usually have a favorite time of year at the resort, or even a favorite day. For many people, that favorite day is often their own birthday. Others like the big year-ending events. Us? We're kind of sweet on 1:47 a.m. on Nov. 1. We're not at the park, of course, for our favorite time and date; it's closed. But we like to imagine the busy night crews sweeping in to remove the pumpkins and autumn leaves. Going in their place? Wreaths and stockings and gewgaws. Because Disneyland does not tarry. When Halloween wraps, it is on to tinsel and trees, pronto. Well, nearly pronto; Holidays at Disneyland officially open on Monday, Nov. 14, and the park has offered a sneak peek of what's new.

2011 UPDATES: The elves from "Prep & Landing" will make a cameo in World of Color at Disney's California Adventure. Toontown will get an 18-foot "cartoon-style Christmas tree." And a new train exhibit will chug into the gallery near Main Street. The seasonal staples will return, like the lights on Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the "A Christmas Fantasy Parade." Oh, but here's one thing that makes the transition from Halloween to the holidays: the Haunted Mansion. It's still "A Nightmare Before Christmas" at the New Orleans Square landmark. Eeks.

STILL OUR FAVORITE: The handmade candy canes at the Candy Kitchen. They're only made over a handful of late November and December dates -- eight in total last year -- so we'd call ahead if you're truly interested. The number is 714-781-0112.

CLOSING DATE: Jan. 8, 2012.

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