Downey Tribute: ‘Carpenters Remembered'

Head for the musical duo's hometown for Michelle Berting Brett's heart-filled tribute.

TRIBUTE SHOWS, those concerts that cover the songbook of a beloved artist or band, can happen wherever there is a stage, a mic, and a fan in the audience, a fan who wants to experience those feelings again. And performances spotlighting singers of yore, or groups gone by, do pop up just about everywhere. Far rarer, though, is when a singer stages a show in a town that's very much associated with an act, even decades later. And when a person hears...

DOWNEY... they're apt to think of some of its classic mid-century buildings and the town's historic McDonald's, true. But, for many a music maven, The Carpenters spring almost immediately to mind, for Karen and Richard Carpenter called the LA-close city home for many years (and, yep, one of the family's area homes was pictured on the Carpenters' "Now & Then" album). So to hear the tunes the brother & sister made famous, and beloved, sing in Downey, at no less than the Downey Civic Theatre, is a treat of the most local order. If you're a forever Carpenters buff, best mark...

SATURDAY, AUG. 13... on the calendar. That's when Michelle Berting Brett will stop by the venue to sing "Superstar" and "We've Only Just Begun" and "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "Top of the World." Ms. Brett has a 7-piece band in tow, too, and a style that summons the sweet sounds of when The Carpenters first dominated the charts, back in the early 1970s. Will you find a local diner in Downey, one that's been around since then, to have a coffee after the show? And ponder how the town has become synonymous with sound of The Carpenters, a brother and sister who rose to the heights of musicdom? To enjoy a tribute in the place where the artists grew up doesn't come along all that often.

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