Downtown Art Walk

We're smitten with free events that aren't scheduled from like 3:17AM-3:32AM and aren't really all that awesome to begin with. That's why we're so very fond of the monthly Downtown Art Walk. Wowing art aficionados of Southern California every second Thursday of the month, and centered heavily around Spring and Main streets, the Downtown Art Walk is nine hours long -- that's *nine* hours of quality, no-ticket-required lookie-loo-ing, and maybe even a little purchasing if the art gods have slipped some extra spend-as-we-like cash in our pockets. And the hours, from noon-9PM, are doable, regardless if you're at an office all day or if you work evenings. Basically it is as if the Downtown Art Walk is saying, whatever you do, whoever you are, you can enjoy this event without a lot of hassle or drama. Nice.

There are few new galleries this time around, including Gallery 1927 at the Fine Arts Building, as well as a slew of fresh shows at locations that have been part of the Walk in the past. And a pair of shuttles, courtesy of those smarties at Esotouric, are carting around those art lovers who tire of trekking around. We know the dogs really start to bark after an hour or two of gallery hopping.

If the dogs are silent but the tummy rumbles, Blu LA Cafe just opened in the heart of where the Walk takes place. Sandwiches (mmm, Reubens) and breakfast-y dishes are on the menu, as well as various saladry and fried chicken.

Thursday, November 13, noon-9PM (hours at individual galleries may vary)
Downtown Los Angeles (see site for walking map)

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