Downtown Drive-In Shows “Wizard” (With a Twist)

We love "The Wizard of Oz" most, but we also adore "The Wiz" and "Wicked" and high school productions and laugh-track-y sitcoms where the characters pay tribute to the fabled children's tale (seems like every sitcom under the sun has to do a "Wizard" episode at some point; it may be, in fact, a law). Truly, there've been few things that have spun off spin-offs like L. Frank Baum's tale of a girl from Kansas.

We're even interested in the unusual combo of the Judy Garland-starrer showing while Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" plays. There've been rumors for years and years that the legendary prog rock band had "Wizard" in mind when they crafted that seminal 1973 album (the band members say they did not). And fans of both have spent those very same years and years listening to the album, watching the film, creating charts, making graphs, penning studies, and connecting the dots. 

In short, it has become a bit of a mini pop culture phenomenon. If you're curious, and you like outdoor movies, and you like funky scenes, and you like sitting on Astroturf with your pals, and you like hanging out downtown under the stars, make for the Angel City Drive-In on Saturday, April 11. Admission is $10, the movie starts at 8PM, but everything opens at 6:30PM. 240 W. Fourth Street, Los Angeles (it is located on the second floor of a roof parking lot, according to the site). Pillows, blankets, and liquor are allowed; see the site for full details.

One last thing: I'm melting... Meeeelting! (We had to.)

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