Drape(R)S and Sofas and More

Modernica + "Mad Men" = '60s sofa spectacularness

The elegant and simultaneously sad/hopeful poster for the fourth season of "Mad Men" may have nary a stick of furniture in it.

Which is a bold move for a bold show that is much associated with a particular look and mood, much of which is inspired by the Eames-y chairs and glossy coffee tables seen on the series.

If you've ever found yourself wishing you could Draper-up your pad just a skosh -- and we'd do it now, before the series reaches the beaded-curtain-shag-carpet-love-pit era -- look to Modernica's prop department for inspiration.

The local furniture giant pointed out a particular blue sofa that its props department provided for a scene in season 3. Like three chairs united in some sort of sofa-esque symphony. Call it "doctor's office chic" and put a few fishing magazines next to it and you're set.

See more of Modernica's "Mad Men"-y furniture at its props site. We like the page of vintage telephones best. All those push buttons.

Season 4 starts on Sunday, July 25.

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