Eat This: Hot California Rolls

Your job: Get to the restaurant. Our job: Help you order. This week, NBCLA’s “Eat This” journey takes us out for a plate of…

The Hot California Rolls at Sushi A Go Go. Find 'em at that wee stand next to Littlejohn's Toffee in the Farmers Market.

Why do we like them? The little rice-y rounds make for a filling and fast dinner for Grove moviegoers. All the California Roll staples are there -- the avocado, the crab, the tender rice -- and they are delicious, but we're singing the praises today of two elements in particular: the crispy tempura shell and the pickly ginger on the side.

What's in it? It's an oversized, plump California Roll, but with a nice and toasty outside coating of batter. A decadent log of crunchy yum. Our favorite bits: the end pieces of the roll, which are extra tempura-y. If you're sharing this dish, make sure you save one end for yourself and one for your date. If you want the date to go well.

How much? Just south of ten bucks.

How long will I wait? Under ten minutes. Just enough time to eat, and then make your movie and not have to sit all the way in the front.

What else? The ginger and wasabi -- that special twosome that thoughtfully attends to California Rolls everywhere -- is especially noteworthy. The wasabi seems a tad milder than most, and the ginger... oh, it is pickled perfection. Extra pickly, in fact. A bonus. It's the soft cream color of French Vanilla ice cream -- not salmon pink -- and delicious eaten fully on its own, after all the rolls are gone.

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