Eating Out on the QT

The recent Travel & Leisure piece on secret dining clubs is onto something, we think. While traveling dining groups are nothing new, having something that's just yours -- or that belongs to a few special people -- carries some weight these days when everything is available to everyone all the time.

Now Daily Dish is reporting that Comme Ça is celebrating the anniversary of the repealing of Prohibition -- that would be this Friday, December 5, in case you're not keeping track at home -- with a 75-cent cocktail. A strong drink (think Sazerac or Tom Collins) for three quarters? Bravo, Comme Ça. But here's the catch: you have to email the restaurant for the password. If you know the line, you get the libation for the nice price (and note, only one drink at that price per customer, so don't arrive with a pocket jangling with silver expecting to warm the stool all night).

Of course, if you like your dining with a bit of drama, there's always the Safe House in Milwaukee, a restaurant that really stays under wraps (visiting a spy's HQ might be easier). And the secret In-N-Out menu. And the local legend that The Griddle has a special password for ordering a specific French toast...

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