Elvis Tribute at the Honeymoon Hideaway

Singer Chris Luna will pay homage at a legendary Palm Springs abode.

KING-SIZED WEEKEND: We can only imagine the very serious Elvis Presley fans of Southern California will need to have the gasoline card hand over the Saturday, Aug. 25-Sunday, Aug. 26. weekend. You've likely heard about the impersonator-laden Elvis Festival shaking its sequined hips at the Orange County Marketplace -- we say "likely heard" because Elvis himself, or someone who looks very much like him, has been making cameos around the county in advance of his namesake festival -- but there's also a music-filled day the day before that in Palm Springs. You can probably guess from the city that the event is happening at The King and Priscilla's famous Honeymoon Hideaway house, yes? You're correct. But here are some of the other suave doings behind the Saturday, Aug. 25 tribute.

MUSIC AND CELEBRITY: Elvis tribute artist Chris Luna will perform in white-jumpsuited glory at the Honeymoon Hideaway from 4 to 6 p.m.; tickets are $38, and friend-to-the-King Larry Geller will make an appearance. There will also be Honeymoon Hideaway tours throughout the day, though those are separately ticketed (there is a concert-tour combo admission, however). So, Elvis aficionado, can you do both? The Palm Springs concert on Aug. 25 and the Costa Mesa festival on Aug. 26? We're sure some people are. Just stick an 8-track tape in the ol' convertible and turn up the "Love Me Tender" good and loud.

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