Employee Allegedly Steals $250,000 in Fuel from City

A Los Angeles city employee was arrested for allegedly stealing up to $250,000 worth of fuel from city maintenance facilities, police announced today.

Raymond Mark, 44, who worked for the Bureau of Street Maintenance employee, was arrested Thursday and booked on suspicion of grand theft in connection with the theft of at least 50,000 gallons of fuel from a Sunland area facility, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police believe Mark had "customers" buying the fuel from him, including 28-year-old Burbank resident Gevork Sukunyan, police said. Sukunyan was also arrested and booked on suspicion of receiving stolen property.

Both men have been released.

Detectives will seek additional charges against Mark for commercial burglary, theft, criminal profiteering and Department of Motor Vehicle fraud, police said. Detectives will also seek additional charges against Sukunyan for conspiracy to commit grand theft and criminal profiteering.

Los Angeles police detectives from the Commercial Auto Theft Section of the LAPD's Commercial Crimes Division began investigating fuel thefts occurring at city maintenance facilities in 2008.

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