When idling in ridiculous traffic jams we tend to daydream about where we'd rather be, like traveling in exotic countries with impressive sights, e.g., highways without ridiculous traffic jams. So, do you want to really get out of Los Angeles traffic this year? Then hook up with EVA Air and book a low-cost vacation to Asia. Below are three of EVA's top destinations:

In Thai, Bangkok means “city of angels”, making Thailand’s capital an apposite first stop in Asia for Angelinos. The city’s chockablock with attractions, including gorgeous palaces and wats (Thai for monastery temple). When you go, don’t miss the Grand Palace, which has housed Thailand’s royal family for 200 years, and the Wat Suthat.

Hong Kong
One of the world’s leading international finance centers, Hong Kong’s a blisteringly modern, neon-lit city replete with modern attractions ranging from the architectural (the world’s largest elevator, the modish HSBC building) to outdoor hotspots, e.g., the Mai Po Nature Reserve and the windsurf-friendly Tung Wan Beach. Bonus: Hong Kong is less than an hour away from major Chinese cities, including the gambling paradise of Macau and the shopping boomtown of Shenzhen.

A melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures, Singapore’s a modern and clean city replete with top-notch services (stylish hotels, upscale shopping) and truly mouthwatering food. Top attractions include the Asian Civilizations Museum (built inside an ancient palace) and the Singapore Zoo, which eschews cages for open landscaping and holds the world’s largest captive orangutan colony.

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