Fabulous! Times at FIDM

The Fashion Institute displays prizes from its collection.


Ten-inch platform shoes? A heavy, brocaded train? A 19th-century, apple-red, wee-waisted corset?

We're guessing here that you're probably not currently attired in any of these articles (we could be wrong, of course, and if so, hats off to your supreme sartorial confidence). But you can admire such pieces and fripperies starting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 when Fabulous! debuts at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Fabulous! certainly earns its exclamation point. The Institute will be featuring "over 200 years of fashion history, 1800-2010" in the exhibit. If your mind instantly reels at the prospect, here are some of the objects and outfits you'll encounter: Haydn's walking stick (that represents the beginning of the time span, of course). A glittery '80s-era evening gown from Carolina Herrera. And "an Alexander McQueen Peacock Dress (commissioned by the FIDM Museum in 2010). The items mentioned at top will be there as well, as well as other get-ups that fall into the eye-popping or covet-inspiring categories (sometimes simultaneously).

It's a historical and high-spirited adventure through the closets of the aristocratic and eclectically minded. It's also a fine peek at what FIDM has in its own closets. Oftentimes visitors will swing by the Institute for a peepsie at the annual Oscar and television costume exhibits. But, of course, the Institute's museum has much more to offer beyond those two always impressive shows.

Fabulous! will wrap on Saturday, Dec. 17. Unlike most of the objects presented within, which were likely quite dear or at least fell into the "pretty penny" category in their respective days, the exhibit is free to see. The FIDM Museum & Galleries are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Image: How Hollywood's Mae West (5 Feet) Looked Tall. Custom platform performance shoes (10") c. 1950-1959

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