Relive Your Year in Facebook Status Updates, If You Dare

All the wit and mundanity of 2009, captured by a single app.

The Facebook status update. You know it. You've probably made one or more already today.

At times, the status update is a public vehicle for wit and humor -- on those days when you're feeling witty and humorous. More often, it is a toss-away place to share trivial details of one's life, such as "We're off to buy the Christmas tree!" or "Could I BE more tired?"

No one is witty in every single update. And if they are, they may have too much time on their hands.

Well, witty or not, there is now a Facebook app that allows you and your 846 friends to relive every single one of the status updates you made during 2009. It's aptly named "My Year in Status" and the app creates a collage of all the sandwich-eating, birthday-greeting, and news-story-gasping you did over the course of the last 365 days.

Not for the faint of heart, we'd say. Because, as one Facebook-er put it, posting his year in status: "Here's a whole lotta nuthin'!"

And it takes some moxie to relive all that "nuthin'" so boldly.

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