“Fantasy” and Other Fantasies Flow

Fusion-loving, horn-filled, genre-incorporating bands always impress us; after all, their appeal is wide, their talents often deep, their ability to jam away our cares impressive. But the form, of course, is not new, no matter how often a new band is hailed for being the fusioniest in all the land.

Were some bold Baroque composers sampling a little Renaissance madrigal-based madness along with the harpsichords? Of course.

In the modern era, we must bow before Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago, two great -- great! -- fusion bands founded in the '60s. We know, there are still lots of Paisley Era bands still touring, still painting the terrific tunescapes, but these two acts deserve special commendation. The R&B, the horns, the rock, the funk that is so funkity. All blended in one beautiful aural experience.

Both bands have boasted many members. Many sounds. Many hits. Just everything about both groups is huge, and that big sound swells in the heart and head. "Fantasy," that mood-filled EW&F ballad, once came on a jukebox in a bar we were in. The chatter nearly stopped. The atmosphere changed, got sweeter and warmer, and soon people were dancing. And not just a few people, either. Practically everyone let the music take over.

In short: expect a spectacular show, with brassy, you-know-the-words songs, from masters of the form. On and onnnn... Tuesday, July 28th, Nokia Theatre

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