February 17

Welcome to our first day! We have plenty of great news, tips and stories already on the site - but we will also be bringing you updates from the LA food scene each day as they unfold. In addition you can find exclusive one on ones with chefs, who is opening, moving on or discovering a new restaurant or food trend in your area. Later today, we will reveal a secret dining spot in West Hollywood that I bet you didn't know about.

Until then, some headlines to ponder over your coffee:

Should I stay or should I go? Ferran Adria is now saying, after reporting El Bulli's closure days ago, that they will reopen in 2014 as an academy. But will we still be able to get dinner? Slashfood We'll be following this one.

Acclaimed vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu in Napa has suffered a blow with Jeremy Fox's sudden departure. San Francisco Chronicle

Tweeting Toques: Chef's venting on Twitter puts a whole new spin on 'if its too hot in the kitchen...' New York Times

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