First Look: Rockwell, VT in Los Feliz

Coming later this month is the opening of Rockwell, VT the new restaurant and lounge from the owners of Vermont in Los Feliz. Situated behind the restaurant itself with a separate entrance, Rockwell plans to share Vermont's executive chef Stephane Beaucamp who will prepare a lighter small plate menu more geared to cocktails and appetizers than a full meal. The above photos show off the large and open multi-level space that starts with the interior bar and dining area and then leads to the patio, up the stairs to a lounge area, then up one last ramp to a slightly hidden secondary lounge space with a nice view of Hollywood. You can't miss the focal point of Rockwell which is the gorgeous tree that takes center stage in the patio. Literally "in" the patio, not "on" because the entire space was built around this one special tree and apparently in the winter it sheds those green leaves and sprouts small pink flowers.

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