Fog? LA Goes All London on Us

We've started marveling -- yes, marveling -- at the waves of misty curtains coming nearly nightly in recent weeks. Oh, we know, if you live near the beach, fog is kind of ho-hum, even run-of-the-mill, but inland, where the fog's been pocketing more regularly, doesn't see the stuff all that often. A novelty for sure.

Like a Cali starlet trying to perfect a British accent before the big audition, it feels like LA is trying London on for size. To prep for the next foggy night -- and, if appearances hold out, that could be soon -- we've got a few appropriate tips:

Pea Coat: Don't have a pretty pea coat to lurk about in the fog? The pea is probably fog's official jacket. Purchase one immediately, or visit a sailor friend and raid his/her closet. You'll also want to carry a torch -- or flashlight -- in case you need to take the pooch for walkies.

Crumpets, or Similar Pastries: The Tudor House in Santa Monica feels as if it might sit nestled alongside the Thames. We love it for our HP fix (mmm, and Heinz Salad Cream), and the sweethearts who always call us "love" when pouring our tea.

Traveler's Bookcase: Guides galore, and not just the general stuff. Find info on London for kids, London for shoppers, London for ale fans, London for mystery enthusiasts. The nook-size, seen-a-few-decades store feels very Notting Hill to us, too.

There are movies to rent -- anything about Jack the Ripper, or something by Dickens -- and hot toddies to warm the hands around. Ready for the next roll-in?

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