Foodies + Theme Park = Famous Fest

Disney's month+ food festival returns, with more celebs.

Visitors who think of our Disney parks as solely family play places haven't stopped by the world-famous Anaheim attractions in April.

Well, not in the last half decade, at least. Because Disney's California Food & Wine Festival, a multi-week, multi-event, multi-celebrity-chef extravaganza, has been building savory steam in gourmet circles. Building steam like that handsome train that circles Disneyland.

Here's why: So much. So. Much. To do, to eat, to learn. From Friday, April 16, through Monday, May 31, Disney's staging bottle signings and kitchen conversations with noted cooks and wine seminars and beer seminars and classes on organic and sustainable growing.

The Napa Rose Cooking School is also a headliner. As are the headliners, like Guy Fieri, who will be there on opening day, April 16.

We recall last year that Pixar creative honcho John Lasseter stopped by to talk about his vineyard, Lasseter Family Wines. For people who adore Pixar films and like and want to know more about wine -- us -- you too? -- that seemed like just about the best event of the year, anywhere.

The pdf is long, very long, and full of interesting classes, so have fun looking/planning.

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