Fools Rush In

All that rioting can make a guy thirsty.

The LAPD released surveillance video of looting at a downtown gas station on the night of the Lakers championship. The video shows the looters -- one wearing a Paul Gasol jersey -- grabbing sodas, candy, snacks and other items.

The crowd also smashed bottles, knocked over sales displays and broke a window, according to police. The damage totaled about $1,200. About $5,200 worth of merchandise was stolen.

The store is in the 600 block of West Olympic Boulevard, not far from the Staples Center.

At least 17 people were arrested and eight officers injured after thousands of people took to the streets following the team's championship victory in Orlando in a celebration that turned ugly when a number of "knuckleheads" started fires, looted several stores, tried to overturn cars and assaulted police.

The majority of the crowds celebrated without causing problems after the Lakers secured their 15th NBA trophy but a small group of people, whom police Chief William Bratton termed, "knuckleheads," began to vandalize the area outside the downtown arena.

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