Fox’s “Hometown Hollywood” Screenings

The studio celebrates 75 years with a cinematic look back.

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When 20th Century Fox marked 75 years back in the spring, they did so with a big, starry party, which was to be expected, and a few Pink's hot dogs, which was to be envied.

Now the studio is taking the party, if not the Pink's, to the cinema fans. "Hometown Hollywood" is the name for a series of screenings Fox is holding around the country in the coming days, and the concept is a simple and lovely one: Show a film that has some local cachet or connection.

So. "Raising Arizona" will screen in Tempe. "Napoleon Dynamite" gets play in Boise. "Walk the Line" is walking toward Memphis. And of course, of course, there is a Los Angeles-flavored Fox film -- actually, films -- set to play in LA on Wednesday, Sept. 1.

Have a guess? We wish we could hang a little curtain over the answer, but alas, they haven't yet invented tiny, Internet-ready curtains as of yet. The films are "Valley of the Dolls" and "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." They're at the Egyptian. And hoo boy, yes. YES. Yes they do represent Los Angeles, or at least one heavily mascara'd, heavily drama'd part of it.

Get ticket info and learn about the whole roster of "Dolls" participants set to show.

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