Free Cup of Chili Day

Dolores Chili is partnering with Philippe to serve up the hot, good stuff.

"Free Cup of Chili Day." Let's look at those five words, briefly. They're all really good words. "Day" is probably our favorite of the bunch, but close seconds are "Free" and "Chili," too.

"Cup" and "of"? You're not bad at all. "Of," you help us out a lot. Of course.

In short, there's nothing not to like about the Dolores Chili event going on at Philippe on Tuesday, Jan. 18. Dolores, of course -- oh, there's that "of" again -- has been here in Los Angeles and making all sorts of delicious edibles for over half a century.

And Philippe the Original? Yeah. They're famous for something. Think, think. Well, we'd say the bright pink eggs in the big jar on the counter, but everyone from here to Antarctica knows the French Dips. And that hot-hot mustard. And that the restaurant is well over a century old.

So, there are a couple of major to-knows about Free Cup of Chili Day. One, you get the free cup with the purchase of a sandwich. You'll want to buy a sandwich, anyway, right?  You'll be at Philippe.

And two, the event starts at 11 a.m. on Jan. 18, and the first 500 people will get a voucher for that free cup.

If you're a chili fanatic, and a Philippe's fan, and you'll be in the area, you'll want to join the queue early on, we imagine. Would some of that mustard be good on the chili, we wonder? Oh yeah.

By the way, two other words we love are "Chili Brick." Read more at the Dolores site.

Update: This is a cup, not a bowl. Yum!

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