Five Ways to Make Your Friday the 13th Lucky

Places to go to shake off those unlucky vibes.

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"Luck" is a word that's often bandied about in our town. You need to be lucky in the big city. You need to have a stroke of good fortune to land that first small television role. You need to have a ray of sunshine to get your first apartment, your first job, your first fill-in-the-blank.

And do we all cross our fingers when going up a 405 on-ramp at 5:10 on any given weekday, especially when we've got a plane to catch or a date to make? Oh, we do.

But we have, and have had, our share of "Lucky"-monikered spots here in LA.

1.Think Lucky Devils, the Good Luck Bar, and Lucky Strike Lanes. And plenty more lucked-out locations.

2. We also personally have an affinity for the old-school clover sign outside Molly Malone's Irish Pub. We know, it is three leaves, not four, but you're really only as lucky as you feel. (Thanks, Mom, for that eternal wisdom.)

3. And Silver Lake peeps may be down with making a wish on the Foot Clinic sign -- that is, on the happy foot, not the sad foot. The spinning sign on Sunset? You know the one. If you make a wish on the happy foot you'll have good luck all day. (We've heard that local legend for years, in fact.)

4. Our own favorite spot for making wishes happen and planting future dreams? The famous and fabulously baroque fountain in the middle of the historic Chinatown Plaza. You know the one. How many pennies have you thrown? And what cup do you go for? We always aim for "Vacation." Yep, we miss a lot, but, by gum, we pocket a few special pennies every time we make for Broadway.

5. By the by, Chinatown's Springfest is on Sunday, April 15, so pack a few coins. We're allowed to banish Friday the 13th a few days late, right? Rain checks work here.

But don't get too comfortable; there's another Friday the 13th just ahead in July. Eek?

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