Fringe and Tinsel(town)

Performers take to street corners, theaters, and other odd venues.

Hollywood Fringe Festival

We're pretty certain that no institute or university has funded the study we're about to theorize, but perhaps someday someone should

And this is our theory: Car-dependent cities don't have a huge busker or street performer scenes.

Controversial, right? Just being cheeky; it isn't controversial at all. It's probably just a fact that more walkable towns attract more performers who want to entertain the walkers. Exhibit A: Edinburgh, which is home to the world's most famous fringe festival.

But when your city is Hollywood, a place brimming with performers, you find a way. That way is the Hollywood Fringe Festival, which is ten days of sidewalk merrymaking and theater roof-raising and playful performing in all sorts of interesting spots around town.

The dates are Thursday, June 14 through Sunday, June 24.

Like Scotland's Fringe Festival, the performances will be edgy or smart-mouthed or weird or a bit disturbing or a bit uplifting or all of the above. Comedians and clowns and performers not willing to be categorized will take on parody and sex and family through word and movement or maybe by standing completely still for several hours.

Sky, meet the limit.

Films and plays and workshops are also part of the creative chaos. A lot of stuff runs about five to thirteen bucks or so, but you could just find odd beings in colorful body suits wandering Hollywood Boulevard, as pictured above, and enjoy watching that for free.

Maybe this car-centric city has a little street life in it, after all.

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