From a Day to a Year

The Killackeys are following up their viral video with an even bigger project.

Ryan Killackey

Of all the viral videos that have positively impacted our state, "A Day in California" is way up there. Mount Shasta up there.

That's how up there is up there.

The summertime surprise easily netted over a half million views in a matter of days, and it did so without any cute animals playing harmonica or people cartwheeling off walls or celebrity cameos.

The video's secret? Be elegant, be sweet, and show some Golden State places in beautifully rendered tilt-shift form. Ryan and Sheri Killackey, the filmmakers behind the labor of love, took over 10,000 photos and ordered them in an art-nice, eye-pleasing manner. Then they added pretty music. And voila! Hello, viral video hall of fame.

Oh, and ordering 10,000+ photos? Yeah. Bet that took a few. Should we add that Mr. Killackey is a pre-med student and the couple has a new baby? Any time we complain we don't have enough time for hobbies, we'll think of them.

Now the Killackeys have bigger ambitions in mind. They're working on "A Year in California -- Capturing Life in the Dream State," which will cover more regions and local favorites. Mr. Killackey says he has "consulted Californians from all over the state on unique locations to use in the next film." So bet the Golden Gate Bridge will make the cut, but we won't be surprised to see some off-the-beaten-path-y choices, too. We should also add that the seasons will play a starring role (so you'll see the ski resorts in winter and beaches in summer)

The couple is currently fundraising for the film. The various contributor levels intrigue. People who contribute $50 or more get one of the photos from the first film (and they'll be the only person to have that photo). Neat idea. There's also a flipbook at a hundred bucks. Flipbooks rule!

For more information on helping out, or just to follow the process of how the Killackeys will make their second epic, fancy-capturing flick, follow at the Kickstarter site.

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