Frugal Festival Food!

"Frugal" is one of our favorite words. "Festival" and Food" are great, too.

Very smart, Frugal Festival Food! organizers. Very smart indeed.

Not only did you round up just about the best three words starting with the letter "F," but you put the word many of us are quite interested in nowadays at the front. "Frugal" doesn't get trotted out enough for big events, in our opinion, but it should, seeing as how it is a helpful and good term that tends to help people live better.

And living better will be one of the focuses of the Saturday, June 25 event. Canoga Park High School will become coupon central, with several businesses setting up show to hand out vouchers and such for food savings, as well as deals on activities around town. Albertson's, Free Fun LA, and Starbucks will be boothing it up.

There will also be free tastes of good stuff handed out, but note that there is an admission to get in. Tickets are available through Goldstar, and start at five bucks.

If you went to last year's Summer Swap in North Hollywood -- we do like a killer clothing swap -- you should know the Frugal Festival Food! is from the same people. They're about savings with a bit of style, which makes us think of the next event name: Savings Style Sweet! The organizers can have it, if they want it. We're happy to share, which is at the heart of frugality.

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