FUEL: Pablo's Perspective

Gas prices are going up again.  O.K....we have not hit the $4.00+ a gallon range yet.  Buy after getting a break at the end of the year, slowly but surely prices are going up.  The sticker shock is probably not as bad as it was last summer, but this seems to be how it goes with the oil companies.  Raise it a lot, drop it a lot and raise it a little more.  It conditions us to think we are getting a deal again.  But here is the real deal.  Oil reserves are scarcer than they were a year ago and will continue that trend unless we come up with a way to fuel our cars, trucks, boats and planes by different means.  
There is a new movie coming out this week, called "FUEL."   It is a documentary film directed by a 33-year-old Santa Monica resident named Josh Tickell.  You might have heard about it - if not, better hurry... the film will likely be here and gone before you know it.  Last year at the Sundance Film Festival, Josh's movie won the audience award for best documentary.  I saw a preview copy of the film this week and it has some similarities to 'An Inconvenient Truth' and something you would see from Michael Moore.  The film talks about our dependence on oil, both foreign and domestic.  It also talks about alternatives like solar & wind.  But the real heart of the film deals with biodiesel.  I spent the day with Josh this week and learned that there is such a simple solution to breaking our dependence on foreign oil and using what we have now to power our cars, trucks, trains and planes.  I think you will enjoy the film if you get a chance to see it. 

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