Glam Goth Bikini

GLOOMTH PUSH UP GOTH BIKINI:  Even devoted-to-layers goths must deal with warm temps (as the blog Goths in Hot Weather gamely points out). We know the issues. We long to wear wool tights year-round, but fight the urge. Better to don summer wear -- that is, shadowy stylish summer wear -- like this elegant swimsuit from Gloomth. Now sunblock/parasol away, goth gals!

SECRET AARDVARK SAUCE: A Portland pal introduced us to this one; word is many restaurants in that foodie-nice city to the north have it on their tables. It's hot, August-afternoon hot, with habaneros line-dancing on your brain. And it's vinegar-y delicious. There are buy/ship options, like with Food Fight Grocery. Crying-hot heat fans, we definitely recommend. A good ouch.

MINI SALAD SPINNER: If you can't commit to a full-on, full-size, a-whole-heap-'o-lettuce salad spinner, a mini salad spinner does exist. Think smaller portions, smaller jobs. It's still summer for a good long while; you'll be eating plenty of cool, freshly damp green stuff. We hope so. Your mom said you have to. Spin, spin, spin... From Zyliss via The Kitchen Clique 

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