“Glee” Sneak Peek at the Grove

The show's spring debut gets an outdoor screening.


The news that "Glee" would have its big springtime sneak peak at the Grove on Saturday, April 10 at 7 p.m. is nice on a few fronts.

One, that "Glee" is coming back. Hotly anticipated return and all that. Yes.

Two, that a television show is loved enough to get a big public to-do. This is usually an event reserved for movies, not TV. So, a few years ago, the reports of television's demise? Not correct.

And three, that doing something in a big alfresco way at the Grove is one of the harbingers of summer around Los Angeles. Sorry, songbirds and crocuses. When they start erecting giant screens in the shopping mall's park, we know it is time to break out the short pants.

And four, there will be some fountain-tied "Glee" extravaganza. Oh Grove. You and those dancing fountains. The extra mile for sure.

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