Gleeful: Meet the Cast of “Glee”


It's the show a few of your friends saw, back, oh, months ago -- late May-ish -- and have told you to watch this fall. And you probably will, because when just a single episode can attract over 150,000 fans on Facebook, well. Hello, probably-going-to-last-a-longtime show. Hello, peppy unknowns who are headed for stardom. Hello, wry musical comedy. And hello, Jane Lynch.

Cast members of the buzz-garnering FOX show have been hitting Hot Topics around the country, chatting up fans, talking to people who have yet to see the show, and being their cheerful, charismatic selves. The last stop on the parade: Hollywood & Highland. If you're a "Glee"-ster, and you'd like to meet-and-greet a few of the actors, best make for the shopping center at 3PM on Friday, August 28th.

They're at the Hot Topic. There are special tees to purchase (see details). And there is a show to get pre-excited about (it's back on September 9th).

Dear Jane Lynch: You rule. The end.

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