Golden State Stays: Last-Minute Cyber Monday Deals

Terrenea, Miramonte, and other destinations are offering sweet discounts.

A QUESTION: Does Black Friday inspire Cyber Monday getaway purchases? Just a thought. The Friday after Thanksgiving is often portrayed as the most intense shopping day of the year, and whether "intense" means that shoppers have stayed up all night or hit a dozens stores by noon is up to the eye of the beholder. So when the following Monday rolls around, with its vacation and hotel deals (booked online, of course, as the word "Cyber" would indicate), many a stressy shopper, still replaying the events of a long Friday, look upon such getaway deals with a soft and tempted heart.

IF THIS... happens to be you, and you're near a computer, and you're considering a Golden State overnight at a resort that's within driving distance (lest the idea of flying around the holidays turns you off), here are a few hotels going the Cyber Monday route. But a word to the wise person in need of a short holiday: Check the site at your own favorite hotel, because deals are all around. Here's hoping your special place is in the Cyber Monday loop.

TERRANEA: The expansive Rancho Palos Verdes property -- yep, you can see Catalina Island from there on a crystal-not-foggy day -- is taking 35-percent off stays through the end of February 2014. Indeed, there are asterisks and fine print and such, but a third-ish off? That heals the Black Friday go-go-go right up.

MIRAMONTE RESORT & SPA: Oh, desert getaways, you do charm, especially come winter. Wait, that's not true; we love you hot, hot summer, too. This Indian Wells resort is going the "50% off Best Available Rates for 2014" route with its Cyber Monday deal. Asterisks, fine print, and so forth, but jump on it, as there's a tight window.

PACIFICA HOTELS: Could you stay at over a dozen hotels over a few months? Well, maybe not, but we can all dream a little. Stays at some 15 Pacifica California hotels are getting the discount love on Cyber Monday, to the tune of 40% off. Hello, Laguna Cliffs Inn, Sunrise Hotel, Cambria Landing Inn...

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