Great News: LACMA Film Lives

Three cheers for community spirit. Three cheers for instant, internet-based ways for people to express their views in a quick and timely manner. And three cheers for the weekend film program at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which has found sponsorship.

Sponsorship to the tune of $150,000, in fact. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Time Warner Cable (in partnership with Ovation TV) stepped forward to help the much-loved cinema series at the Miracle Mile museum. Allison Agsten spells out the details of the beneficent deal over on a LACMA film forum, but here's the upshot: the weekend films will continue through summer 2010.

If you're a fan of the museum on Facebook, you've certainly seen people getting vocal about the museum's decision to suspend weekend screenings (a decision based on a variety of factors). Leads to a petition were linked. And soon after the initial announcement, the art institution started a forum to hear what everyone had to say.

Note to all museums and institutions that must face change: an online forum=good move.

Saving the weekend film program was a bit of a lickety-split movement with a fantastic, and lasting, end result. Now the next step, of course, is to keep attending those weekend films en masse, and keep a good thing going.

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