Green Carpet: Pablo's Perspective

One area that we seem to ignore when we think about efforts to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle can be found right in our home. We don't think about it often, but the reality is -- we should.

I'm talking about our carpets and flooring. In most cases, it is something we replace infrequently. When we do, what happens to all that flooring and carpeting that has served its purpose?

Well, in most cases it ends up in landfills.... fibers, glues, backings, etc. There is no recycle bin that allows us to toss it out with the trash. Finding someone to take it to reuse is nearly impossible. But there are companies now that are taking a more green approach to our carpets.

One company we found will take your old carpet and recycle it and actually deliver it back to you in a slightly different form. While this may not work for homeowners, it is becoming big business for companies that require a lot of carpeting. The company takes your old carpet, remanufactures it and than works with outside contractors to reinstall it. It's an interesting idea and until now -- not to well known.

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