Grownup Sleepover at Silent Movie

You remember. Your mom would drive you to camp, or your youth group, and you'd get locked in a gym overnight, and there would be a sweaty game of marshmallowball (like dodgeball, only tastier) and movies on a big bedsheet strung up by the basketball hoop.

You remember, and you love it. Now Cinefamily is throwing "Summer Camp Summer Camp," an all-night-long movie extravaganza on Saturday, August 29th. Meaning? They'll be spotlighting flicks that featured a whole mess of lakes and cabins and crushes and campfires and forest-based hijinks.

"Little Darlings" is up first. Oh yes. Tatum O'Neal, Kristy McNichol, Matt Dillon. Talk about your eau de 1980. It's a scent we love.

Take a gander at the rest of the line-up -- two cheers for "Meatballs 2"! -- and the other planned activities. Everything starts at 8PM on August 29th, meaning, with six movies, you'll be there all night, well into the morning of Sunday, August 30th, if you choose. If you make it to sunrise, Cinefamily will feed you eggs and toast. Is this a five-star resort? Fancy, Cinefamily. Very.

Again, sleeping bags are not only allowed, but welcomed. There will be DJing and s'more consuming on the back patio. We just *hope* that, fueled by chocolate and graham crackers and puppydog-love rumors, you don't start a "Little Darlings"-type bet. Think it over.

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