Grunion Runs Winding Down

The grunion are wrapping up the 2010 season.

AFP/Getty Images

Grunion, we never, ever take you for granted.

But when your coming-ashore season starts in the spring, we always assume we'll have loads of time to make it down to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for a special nighttime program that includes standing on the beach and watching you wriggle up.

The clock is ticking on our whole "loads of time" scheme. Because now there are just four more grunion runs for the 2010 season. The next one is on Monday, June 14.

In fact, they're all on Mondays and Tuesday for the remainder of the year. We know people prefer them on the weekends, being that they're late-night-ish and all. But grunion don't have calendars, and we need to respect their fishy wishes.

Check out the full calendar. The last run of 2010 is on Tuesday, July 27.

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