Hangover Observations: BoHo Preview Night

Hollywood: After much anticipation, we stopped by BoHo last night for a sneak peek. As previously reported, the menu is casual and somewhat cash-friendly (nothing over $20), with a heavy focus on pizzas. Unfortunately, last nights’ passed apps were only pizzas, so we didn’t get a chance to sample chef Andre Guerrero’s new creations. Based on various conversations, we gathered that the full menu will pretty much be a pupu platter of LA food trends: Family-style plates, farmer’s market vegetables, plenty of bacon, artisanal beers, etc.

As for the environs, the bar area is also a good vantage point to get an eyeful of the completely revamped space. Designer Kristofer Keith fully committed to his vision of a cozy gastropub. No corner is left untouched – every enclave and wall is filled with Goodwill-inspired décor, from old paintings to candlesticks and even a few loved teddy bears. The high-ceilings allow for several tall plants in the front room, making the dining experience feel a bit whimsical. Based on atmosphere alone, we’d pop in here again for a pre-Arclight drink (sorry Club Sushi). BoHo is shooting for an opening date of March 20th.

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