“Heavy Metal Parking Lot: The Musical”

December just donned its pleather pants.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot: The Musical

If you've seen the memorable '80s-esque short film "Heavy Metal Parking Lot," you likely not only remember particular moments but particular lines. (Oh, and a few particular cars, too; we think we fondly remember a Gremlin or two in the background.)

The not-long-but-oh-so-lively film captured a certain spirit of a rocking age, and that stripped-to-the-waist spirit clearly lives on. The Museum of Contemporary Art is presenting "Heavy Metal Parking Lot: The Musical," and if that isn't enough to stoke and pique and pluck at your leather-clad curiosities, how about this: It'll happen in a secret location.

That's a bit rock 'n roll, yes? 

Date's Thursday, Dec. 2, but more important than that, perhaps, is the call to wear "practical footwear." Sound advice, with the secret location and all. Oh, the top of your bad self can be alllll party, from the ankles to your gelled hairstyle, but make sure your shoes are well-soled and can take you easily from place to place.

No teetering, in other words. Teetering is on occasion semi-rock 'n roll, but never safe nor advisable. Right? Rock on, heavy metalers. Wisely. With good posture. Rock on.

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