Nas Rocked Hip Hop Festival at UC Riverside

Riya Bhattacharjee

What does it look like when college students come together to enjoy Spring Splash music festival? Thousands of hyped up music lovers, waving and swaying their arms to the beat of the music.

Last Saturday’s spectacle may have resembled the Coachella music festival, but the Spring Splash event at the University of California, Riverside was more feasible for the students’ wallets when compared to Coachella’s weekend ticketed price of $269.

During the turbulent economic times and high tuition increases, music-goers were pleased with the entrance fees. UCR’s Highlanders got in for free, while the public paid a measly $10 cover charge to see an impressive line-up that included the two-time Grammy winner Nas and other rising stars such as Keys n’ Krates, Murs, and Little Brother.

Cesar Agrera, UCR alumnus, jumped at the opportunity to see one of his favorite rappers when he learned of the affordable price. “It’s a cheap concert so why not come out and enjoy it.” He added, “I’ve never seen Nas so I decided to come check him out.”
With the combination of pocket friendly rates, popular headliners, and with the convenient location on campus, Spring Splash drew large crowds by the thousands.

Ray Medina, first-year student who also helped out with planning for the event, said that he was here to see all of the artists and that “the set list is absolutely amazing.” He added, “It’s mind-blowing actually.”

The highlight of the festival was when Nas came out performing his top hits such as “I Know I Can” and “One Mic,” which got the crowds to bop their heads and sing along in unison.

The line-up of artists satisfied more the hip-hop lovers, but despite the limited genre of music, the different groups of musicians offered a variety of sound, from mainstream hip-hop to underground rap.

Big Pooh from Little Brother commented that the event is perfect for people who want to listen to soulful hip-hop. “It’s like eating a home cooked meal.”

“It’s nothing like doing festivals like Spring Splash,” he said, “school’s almost out so lots of kids are out here just before finals letting it hang loose.”

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