Hollywood Halloween Parties

Kudos to The Guide for its toe-tingling roster of Halloween-night bashes around Tinseltown. We've found ourselves, in the past, standing on the Boulevard on Halloween night, frustrated, vampire make-up going smeary -- haven't we all at some point? -- only to feel like, somewhere, very close, there was a really fabulous soiree going down and we just needed the 411.

This is the 411. From Social Hollywood to Geisha to The Kress, The Guide provides excellent guidance on what kind of merry mayhem revelers will find (lingerie contests, Marilyn Manson presiding over a haunted hullabaloo, a malevolent carnival). Even better? Pretty much everything is walking distance.

We remember one year being with a sourpuss friend dressed as an evil Tooth Fairy; big shocker that her sparkly evil Tooth Fairy stilettos made her feet throb after approximately two minutes. So the importance of being able to have a lot of parties very close at hand -- or foot, rather -- on Halloween cannot be undervalued by those costumed in challenging footwear and their put-upon, clog-wearing friends.

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