Hotel Triton's Ticket to Ride

DRIVE OR FLY? That's always the question for SoCalers headed the Bay way. We're not saying it is the only question -- other questions arise, like 101 vs. 5, or pea soup vs. animal-style fries -- but it does enter into initial discussions. And, really, it all depends. Are you moving your pal and all his boxes back to Noe Valley after his pilot didn't get picked up or his girlfriend said goodbye? Drive. Are you and a special friend going up for a weekend of sightscenery and general mucking about town? We'd vote fly. But once you've landed, and once you've gotten to your place of stay, what then? MUNI, of course. And if you happen to be staying at the Union Square-close Hotel Triton under its new Ticket to Ride package, you'll get two roundtrip MUNI tickets as part of your deal.

GET-AROUND DETAILS: Prices start at $169, and that includes overnight deluxe accomos. Nothing to sniff at, what with the location and all. Plus comp wine. Comp rubber ducky. And those MUNI tickets. You're close to a stop, at the Triton. You're close to several stops. And MUNI? Goes everywhere, just abouts. So. Two things before we go. One, if you go anywhere, to any city, take public transportation if you can. This is just a given. And two, if you do drive, and you still want the Ticket to Ride deal, note that valet parking is included, so this isn't solely for people who jet in. And may we just add that the classic orange MUNI swirly font is one of the great victories of brand design? It's just as stylish as the stylish Triton. 

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