Icy, Frosty, Cube-Cold Treats We're Dreaming Of

Clink cubes into it, crush ice into it, stow in the freezer for a day. When the mercury goes up we're looking for any icy something on a stick or in a glass.

Here are the classics we dream of when we glisten due to rising temps. They haven't been around forever -- in fact, they're probably more on the newish side than not -- but we think they're already serious staples around town.

Blueberry Lemonade at Grub: One of our favorite Hollywood hangouts pours a really lovely, very large glass of its signature beverage. Is it more berry-ish, more lemon-ish, or kind of both-ish? Definitely both-ish. The house is snug, the patio full of leafy greenery, the general vibe funky, the blueberry lemonade temperature-lowering and sweet.

TenRen's Tea Time: So many amazing boba shops around town, and so many pour deeply delicious beverages. But when we're near Chinatown, we always stop by this Broadway-located shop for its peachy, green teas, the milk-laden selection, and of course, boba goodness. The variety of boba drinks is impressive, and so are the loose teas you can shop and buy for later sipping.

Scoops: We know, the brown bread ice cream gets the happy hosannas here, and deservedly so, but we gravitate to the lavenders, the strawberries, anything fruit-laden and flowerish and light. The guy who scooped for us last time was one of the nicest people we've ever met, anywhere. In an ice cream shop, a train station, at a library. Anywhere. Made a great ice cream even greater.

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