If You Missed the Grilled Cheese Fun, Don't Brie Sad

Whatever, friends. We're crazy about you, but when you come to us talking about melted cheese and thick breads and beautiful weather, we're the taddest bit miffed. Because you very well know we weren't able to make the Grilled Cheese Invitational, something we'll be regretting until the next Grilled Cheese Invitational. And grilled cheese? You know it to be one of our favoritetest foods ever.

But like two slices of rosemary-flecked sourdough enclosing a slice of something creamy and dairy, we have two choices that may adequately address our grilled cheese-inspired jalousie...

Grilled Cheese Month is still going on, through Thursday, at posey-cute Clementine near Century City. They're making ***five*** grilled cheeses every day through April 30. And slice our bread and call us Susie if that quince-paste-and-chorizo one doesn't have us wanting to make for this cafe immediately. And lastly: mmm. Grilled Cheese Month. Three great words that go great together.

Meanwhile, at a contemporary art museum downtown... Patinette at MOCA has handed over the grilled-cheese-compiling reins to the customer. The upshot: You choose the bread (and Patinette is part of the Patina Group, so you know that's going to be some fancy-pants pan). You choose the cheese. You're in control. We're just afraid we'd ask for a slice of Stilton, topped with Stilton, between two pieces of Stilton. Afraid, and very tempted. 

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