In a Week Packed with Superheroes, One Sings Live

You've got your snacks, your chair, your comic books, and you're heading out the door to line up for the first "Watchmen" showings. Cool that. While the coming days will be all about Dr. Manhattan and the rest of the gang, our sights are turning to the Catalina Jazz Club, where none other than Lynda Carter is headlining a three-night set. It's enough to make us don golden cuffs and cross our arms and twirl until we're just a blur of red, blue and brunette.

Besides serving as a most excellent Wonder Woman on the mega-popular 1970s television series, Ms. Carter is also an accomplished chanteuse (turns out she even guested on a Jackson brothers show back in the day). And serious "Wonder Woman" fans will recall that she sang selections from her album "Portrait" on the show. Oh, we do love those type of crossovers and firmly believe every television show benefits when there is an episode where the star must sing at some point. "Moonlighting," Bruce Willis? Case in point.

Lynda Carter even dueted with Mr. Tom "Pussycat" Jones back in 1980, who just happens to be in town for his own concert this weekend. Wouldn't a surprise drop-by be delightful? We can hope. Until then, we'll stay excited about one of our favorite actresses taking to the stage, sans cape. And we'll catch "Watchmen" when the lines are, oh, only halfway around the block.

Lynda Carter at Catalina Jazz Club
March 5-7
Catalina Jazz Club, 6725 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

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