It's a Ring — and Plate

FINGERFOOD PARTY PLATE: This handy item solves two things. One, it helps people hold fast to their nibbles while they party-mingle. And two, they can only serve as ice breakers. If you saw someone wearing a ring, with a tiny plate on it, with a shrimp on top, at your next cocktails-and-chitchat soiree, wouldn't you approach? From Fred & Friends, via Pop Deluxe

NATURE SERIES PILLOWS: When we say a few people we know are big cat people, we mean just that: they are big cat people, fans of the lion and the tiger and other kitties that don't play with catnip mice. These pillows are roar-worthy, and pretty, with a mind to design. Find them at Room Service.

TOPANGA CREEK BICYCLE: The weather's still fine, if a wee bit roasty. Whose leg are we pulling? This is LA. It'll be fine until approximately 7:14AM on January 8th, when it will then rain for five days straight. Until then, we want to be riding our bike. If you've longed to own a bicycle not built for two, but rather just for you, this local outfit can steer you there.

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