Johnny Depp Goes Squirrelly

Sometimes, we don't know. The midweek needs a little oomph, a little make-merry, something to help you crest that hump.

And we think this might be it. Lainey Gossip and Depp Addicted both have a Comic-Con story -- we do love that the Comic-Con rumors/hearsay/"did-you-see"-ing is still rolling, days later -- maybe the stories'll push into weeks and months -- that charmed and cheered us in equal measure.

Question: How do super-mega-famous celebrities move about super-huge-teeming crowds when they want to remain stealth, unseen, able to enjoy an event without 100 fans stopping them every two feet? It's a question we ponder often. Maybe not often, but once and awhile, at least, when we see a star at a festival or parade, just trying to hang out, lick an ice cream cone, and the adoring public wants autographs and pictures and hugs and kisses. The ice cream cone melts.

We do feel for them. But Johnny Depp seems to have hit upon a solution: a squirrel costume. Lots of pictures over at Depp Addicted show the star -- maybe? -- wearing one at the recently wrapped Comic-Con. We're not seeing a shot with the squirrel's head removed, and oh, we'd like that one, but there is an official-ish handler with this fuzzy woodland creature, and the squirrel is sporting what looks to be some sort of official pass. Which has to crack up anyone with a shred of a sense of humor.

Is it Johnny under all that fake fur? Can he please confirm? An official statement? We do have a modest proposal, either way. Giant, plushy animal costumes should be given gratis to all celebrities who would like to move through public events unseen. It might be a little odd outside of Comic-Con, but, be bold, we say.

What stars would be paired with what animal costumes, though? That is the question.

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