L.A. Live Rolls Out Purple Carpet for Bieber Movie Premiere

Get ready for a madhouse as Bieber fans swarm the area to get a glimpse of the pop star -- or watch it unfold from the safety of your home

NBC Washington

If you can't join the throngs of screaming tweens, their moms and other Justin Bieber fans from all walks of life for the Los Angeles premiere of "Never Say Never," you're in luck: The event is being livestreamed here.

Following a flurry of weekend appearances -- a stint on Saturday Night Live and a Super Bowl spot -- Tuesday is no different. As usual, it's all eyes on Bieber.

Anticipation is building now that the crew at L.A. Live has already unrolled the purple carpet -- Bieber's favorite color -- in preparation for Tuesday night.

What's more, you can expect minute-by-minute updates from Bieber's personal Twitter account.

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