Kiddie TV Gone Wrong: Cartoon Dump

If you had a wild hair and decided to don your pajamas to Cartoon Dump at the Steve Allen, hardly an eyebrow would be cocked. That's because Cartoon Dump, a deviously droll, made-for-grownups tribute to kids' shows that happens every fourth Tuesday, is the kind of live performance you might want to watch while hugging your bestest toy (any thumbsucking is up to you).

Frank Conniff -- the famous "TV's Frank" from "Mysterious Science Theatre 3000" -- joins comedians Erica Doering and Kathleen Roll on stage as they satirize children's series of yore (Conniff plays "Moodsy, the Clinically Depressed Owl"). The bits are familiar -- in a supremely twisted way -- to anyone who has ever snuck out to the den to watch TV before the parents woke up.

Also rolling during the evening are bad cartoons -- like, some of the worst, most groan-worthy animated tidbits ever -- courtesy of Jerry Beck, the knowledgeable dean of every talking tree and bleep-making alien that's been committed to film. What will be screened is at Mr. Beck's discretion, but know that the cartoon authority pretty much knows every wacky short ever made, so some guffaw-getting stinkers will definitely be on the bill.

Will Moodsy learn a very important lesson? Will some special guests to teach us all something meaningful? Will we see a cartoon so terrible we'll talk about it for days? Stay tuned.

Cartoon Dump: A Thanksgiving Blast!
Tuesday, November 25, 8PM
Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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