Kinetic Sculpture Race

Kinetic Sculpture Race

MEGA MACHINES: You've likely seen a kinetic sculpture race if you've ever watched an auto channel for any length of time. And you probably know that our state is very much home to some major kinetic-cool gatherings (yeah, we're looking at you, Arcata). But Ventura is certainly up there on the kinetic calendar, too, given the fact that the city's own make-an-amazing-and-wacky-vehicle-then-power-it race is entering its 14th year. Intrigued? Stay so. It's time again for the city's Kinetic Sculpture Race, which will roll on Saturday, Oct. 22 in support of the Turning Point Foundation.

WHIMSICAL WHEELS: What will you see there? Will you see a giant duck head on the front of a bicycle-type spinning object being driven by a trio of costumed individuals? It could happen. But that's the beauty of the kinetic event -- truly anything does happen, and with flair. And let's just add here that there will be multiple challenges, including machines on water, in the mud, and on the sand. Hoo boy. Get ready, spectators, to observe the very spot where machine meets imagination.

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