Kudos for the Well-Placed Cameo

Director Sam Raimi and firmly be-chinned, zombie-thwacking man-about-town Bruce Campbell have known each other since the sandbox. Well, just about. They go way back, and as such, Mr. Campbell can often be found playing a very small, very zingy, very write-about-me role in the "Spiderman" helmer's films.

In fact, it is a bit of a parlor game for the Campbellites, try to predict where their hero may pop up. But in advance of Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell" -- a scary-looking soda-spiller opening on May 29 -- the fans are wondering where Bruce may be. He's not listed on the movie's IMDB page, but that's nothing to worry about. Still, the movie sites have been buzzing, asking the unaskable: will this be a Sam sans Bruce?

We hope not. We love the lightning-strike cameo, that special appearance that arrives in a film to blow kisses at the audience, throw some confetti, and then end just as fast. And we like Bruce Campbell, and Sam Raimi. And we like Sam's brother Ted, a "Xena" veteran, who is listed on the film's IMDB page (good news). And we're really looking forward to this flick, which looks terrifying in the best, old-timey-est sense.

Maybe "Drag Me to Hell" will bring an old-time terrifying trend back to horror films? We'd ask fright-flick fans to cross their fingers, but since they're often peering through splayed fingers at something scary on screen, we'll refrain.

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